Metro Series Author Dmitry Glukhovsky Is Working On A Sequel To Metro Exodus


There will be another Metro game, following on from this year’s Metro Exodus.

This news comes via an Instagram post from series author Dmitry Glukhovsky, who has confirmed that the series will continue. The post is direct and to the point: “The Metro gaming series will be continued. Working on the story”.

Metro 2033, the first game in the Metro series, was an adaptation of Glukhovsky’s book of the same name. Glukhovsky’s second Metro book, Metro 2034, doesn’t have a direct analog in the games, while third book Metro 2035 is, in an interesting twist, inspired by events from Metro: Last Light, the second Metro game.

Metro Exodus reviewed and sold well, so the series’ continuation is not unexpected news. In his 8/10 review, Michael Higham said that the game “embraces the sense of vulnerability and post-apocalyptic terror alongside impactful weapons used in refined combat and stealth scenarios.” Exodus still has DLC on the way as well, which will expand the game out with new playable characters.

Metro Exodus was one of several high-profile Epic Games Store exclusives when it launched, and reported that sales in the first few weeks were approximately double what they had been on Steam for the previous Metro game, Last Light.