Prime Day 2019: Best Xbox One Deals Available So Far (US)


Amazon Prime Day 2019 is nearly here–the two-day shopping bonanza is going down this coming Monday and Tuesday for a full 48 hours, making it the longest-running Prime Day since the event was first held in 2015. With tens of thousands of deals across every category, Prime Day has become a full-blown event akin to Black Friday, to the point where other retailers are offering their own counter-sales happening around the same time.

If you’re primarily on the lookout for Xbox One games, console bundles, or accessories this Prime Day, we have you covered. While Monday and Tuesday will bring an even bigger wave of discounts, some Xbox One deals are already live, not only at Amazon but also at GameStop, Ebay, and other retailers. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the best Xbox One deals available now, and we’ll update this story as more deals go live on Monday.

Mortal Kombat 11 – on sale for $44.17 at Amazon

Best Xbox One game deals

In terms of games, you can already find solid discounts on many of this year’s biggest titles, such as Kingdom Hearts 3 for only $20 at GameStop and Mortal Kombat 11 for $44 at Amazon. Games that received less-than-stellar reviews at launch are also quite cheap, with Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition selling for $20 and Fallout 76 down to $25. You’ll also find some pre-order titles cheaper at Amazon, such as Doom Eternal and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, so Prime Day may be a good time to secure your copy, especially since Amazon will give you the cheapest price on your pre-order if it drops again.

Xbox One S bundle + controller + headset – on sale for $300 at Walmart

Best Xbox One console deals

If you’re in the market for a new Xbox One S or X, a few different deals are already available. Various Xbox One bundles are currently marked down at GameStop, and you’ll get an additional $50 gift card with your purchase. Meanwhile, at Walmart, there’s an Xbox One S bundle that includes a game of your choice, a bonus wireless controller, and a headset for around $300 (price varies based on your picks). Finally, if you’re only interested in the console itself, you can get a new Xbox One S for $196 at Ebay, which is a great price if you don’t want any accessories and aren’t interested in any bundle games right now. Of course, you might want to consider waiting until Monday before taking the plunge, as Amazon will likely offer the console at deep discount as well.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One/Windows – on sale for $126.37 at Amazon

Best Xbox One accessory deals

Controllers, headsets, memory cards, and other accessories make up a core part of the hobby for many gamers, and having the right gear is crucial. Unfortunately, these types of added purchase can really burn a hole in your pocket, but Prime Day is a great chance to grab whatever accessories you’ve been needing for a fraction of the price. See some of the deals you can find already, and check back on Monday as more products start getting marked down.

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